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Annual Report Template for NFPs and charities

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Preparing your annual report

As a Not for Profit organisation you need to produce an annual report. Whilst a legal obligation, it is important to focus on the production of the report as promoting the strengths of your organisation.

The report should convey your organisations absolute commitment to creating social impacts and your ability to do this at the highest levels of service delivery. It should act as a call to action for your audience to provide the type of support that you need to continue your work. A short, sharp annual report is ideal if the goal is to have stakeholders and prospective funders read it.

The guide below is aimed at keeping a report to approximately12 pages (not including financial summary which can be an insert). However, if you require more pages you can expand. You might be able to use infographics to support individual reports and reduce the amount of text required to convey the successes of the organisation.

Some guiding principles that we’d like to convey are:

  1. Only CEO and Chair report address the challenges that the organisation has faced and the impact of any funding decisions on the ability to deliver services
  2. Manager reports should focus on what the program aims to achieve; the success of the programs; any program specific challenges
Title Maximum Page length
Front Cover 1
About Us (our responsibilities / who we are ) .5
Who we are

Guiding principles

            All service delivery a
Our values / our vision / our mission .5
Our strategic plan – top objectives .5
Chairs Report 1
CEO’s Report 1
Our programs – overview of the program; who it serves; what it aims to achieve; what were the successes 1.5
Managers Reports – High level and focus on any highlights 1.5
Our Relationships

Who they are

What we do with them.

Financial Report (to be an insert to the annual report)

Could incorporate a half page summary in the report but it’s not essential and many reports I’ve reviewed don’t have financials.

.5 summary
Sponsors , Partners and Supporter 2
Call to action – how can the reader assist .5