Working with our clients to make a difference by providing high quality design solutions

Our approach to the successful completion of any design project includes understanding your project’s goals, your target audience, the sector that you operate within, and balancing this with creative solutions.

It all starts with an idea

Print design

We understand what is required for printing to achieve a high standard at an affordable price. We design with accessibility in mind. Our print design experience includes flyers, posters, stationery, booklets and reports. We also have access to promotional items such as pens, drink bottles, notebooks.

Reach a bigger audience

Digital design

We design websites, infographics, social media banners and other collateral for online marketing services. User experience and accessibility are critical elements for us and our clients, so we approach all digital design projects with one question in mind ‘will it be easy for the user to navigate and understand what they’re viewing?’ For your project to be successful, the answer must be yes!

What do you do and why?

Brand design

Whether you’re an established charity or a start-up social enterprise, your brand is critical to your success. A brand is what people think and feel about you, it is their perception and it is based on many factors. Our methodology seeks to achieve Brand Integrity – the alignment of your Brand Identity (the internal identity staff have of the organisation & its work) and your Brand Image (the feelings and perceptions that exist for external stakeholders when they think about you).

Environment first

Printing services

Our print partners provide us a large range of quality standard and environmental paper stocks to suit all projects. We can also provide offset and digital printing to manage budgets, optimise paper usage and reduce environmental impact. This ensures value for money and competitive service for you.

Digital storytelling


Using animation to convey complex information provides a flexible and affordable solution to the communication challenge of many of our NFP, charity and social enterprise clients. Animation can be used to promote the work that your organisation undertakes and the impact of that work, tools that you have created or to raise awareness of a cause. Our focus is on delivering animations that focus the audience on your topic, aligns with your brand and has a unique look and feel.

User's needs always come first


Otherwise known as User Experience / User Interface, many factors must be taken into consideration to get the best result. To achieve the best UX/UI outcomes we focus on accessibility, utility, human factors, design and system performance. We’ll keep all of these factors in mind when developing the best outcome for you AND we’ll help you understand the impact of these factors can have on your project’s outcome.