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Should everything now be digital?

By May 24, 2019 No Comments

Technology has made publications much easier to use and access from anywhere when on the move. However, print is not dead. Like all choices there are always pro’s and con’s and digital and print is no different.


  • we can share and access documents from mobile devices as well as computers
  • cheaper and easier to store
  • more environmentally sustainable
  • cheaper to produce.

Pro-printed documents

  • complicated documents are easier to read and make notes on, and many audiences, particularly the elderly, prefer to read printed media over digital
  • internet access can be problematic, particularly in rural or remote locations
  • hard copies are still required for legal and financial documents that need original signatures
  • digital documents can be hacked or compromised without security measures
  • saving a physical document for future reference is often easier than locating an old email or something you saw online
  • print can be a sensory experience. The texture of the paper and the quality of the images can create a WOW factor.