What can Readings bookstore teach Not For Profits and social enterprises about the power of a brand?

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What can Readings bookstore teach Not For Profits and social enterprises about the power of a brand?

Who is Mark Rubbo and how did he do it?

Well, I won’t spoil the story if you don’t know it, but it is the story of how the owner of independent bookstore Readings was instrumental in the demise of Borders.

But what does this have to do with Not For Profits and social enterprises?

Well, quite simply, this article is actually all about brand and the relationship between brand and customer. This is a relationship that as Executive Officers, fundraising managers, marketing managers and frontline staff you are managing every day. Because we specialise in design solutions for Not For Profit and social enterprises it is an intrinsic part of the work that we do for clients.

Mark Rubbo killed Borders because he knows what he stands for, he has taken the time to fully understand his customers and what they and he created a value proposition that delivers.

According to the article Mark Rubbo ‘had built the Readings brand by attracting passionate supporters who love the act of book buying but also the fun, the atmosphere, the people he employs; and the fact that someone local actually gives a damn’.

Question: Can a Not For Profit or social enterprise do this as effectively?

I believe the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! For a Not For Profit organisation this level of awareness and engagement is critical. Many of skysdesign clients deal with people living difficult and complex lives. This means that the communication of Not For Profit and social enterprise purpose and impact evokes emotional responses. Our customers have an endless stream of real life stories that reflect the humanity of their brand. The ‘for profit’ sector spends amazing amounts of money to identify real life stories in an attempt to personalise their brand. Our Not For Profit and social enterprise clients have an abundance of stories that bring real life to their brand.

Understanding your brand and what your supporters’ value allows you to communicate your value to them. Like Mark Rubbo, knowing this is the basis of brand value.

Building a brand that knows why supporters are engaged is critical to the ongoing attraction and retention of long-term, committed supporters.

Uncovering the essence and value proposition of Not For Profit and social enterprises is great fun and something skysdesign takes great care in.

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