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What paper stock should you choose to help the environment?

By May 24, 2019 No Comments

On World Environment Day, think about your organisations carbon footprint by choosing a recycled paper stock for your print project.

When looking for a recycled stock the 2 options you have are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified virgin fibre and recycled content.

  • FSC-certified means that products are checked at each stage of their manufacture to meet social, economic and environmental standards.
  • Genuine recycled papers that are reused after their original manufacture should contain a minimum of 20-30% post-consumer waste. This means paper that is used by the consumer and separated for recycling.

A great stock to consider is Envirocare – A 100% recycled, uncoated artboard with an authentic ‘recycled’ appearance. As a premium uncoated stock, Envirocare has a thick, luxurious feel and a natural, organic look.

There are also a wide range of white stock within the post-consumer waste range and one that we have used a lot is Maine Recycled, a white stock perfect for brochures and magazines.

One thing to be aware of with recycled or post-consumer stocks is their limitations when paper treatments. For example, recycled stocks typically cannot be laminated.